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Solihin Suhaimi




My perspective of Singapore

For this project, I decided to use film-ish edits and also to portray a different perspective on my city. I'm also known as @unorthdx on instagram which you can view my profile here or visit my tumblr here. Hope you enjoy my project!

1. Street candid


This is my favorite picture. It tells a lot of story. The raindrops on the window and also his reflection creates alot more depth into the picture. It usually rains in Singapore and this picture captured that essence. 

2. Motion Blur


In Singapore, the most popular mode of transport is the train or what we call MRT. It literally connects all the different parts and corners of the city so it's accessible to those without a car. 

3. Look up


I like this picture as it make sthe viewers think, 'is this a horizontal or a vertical shot?'. But of course, it's a look up.

4. Night Photography


A picture I took at night of a blurred biker riding through the heavy rain. Makes you think, what is so important that he needs to speed through traffic and through the heavy rain? I just pray that he reached his destination safely. 

Thank you for taking your time to view my project. Hope you enjoyed it! :D


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