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My personal plaster

As the class was progressing, I started writing and drawing with my marker. Then I circled my passions and likes:

1. I am a designer and illustrator

2. I love traveling

3. Recently I found that I really like stickers

4. I always draw my Stone-Eater characters when I have some free time

Masholand is my world and the place where all my passion projects go to. 

The best thing about this class is that the process Kevin shows could be a great tool for brainstorming.


Finally, I got to thinking about the following: 

What is that ONE thing I always carry along? How could it be connected to stickers and the characters I draw? And it hit me!


Plasters are the ones I always need + they are kind of magic stickers that cure my cuts + I can draw on them + they are quite functional design products.

So here we go: My quick plaster idea with the Stone-Eater illustration. 


Even though my plaster transformation doesn't show the end result that represents me, but I am glad I took this class. I am going to develop the project and post the final product if possible. 

Thank you Kevin for the cool class, for sharing your experience with us and for the wonderful tips!


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