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My personal manifesto

This was actually a very thoughtful project to do and a really great class. I used some craft paper I had around the place.

I did find it a tad bit hard writing what was important to me. So I had to really think what I've enjoyed in the past and what I wanted for the future. I think I came up with a pretty good list.

I didn't think tearing up the paper would be as calming as it was. I've recently left my job and I've been freaking out about what I want to do for now. Wondering if I'll have enough money to survive the year, will I find work again, etc. After writing down what was important to me and what I wanted to achieve, I relaised it can be achievable in small bite sized chunks.

My momento I've had for a while, it's a key chain a friend gave me when we both started collecting toys. I haven't used it in years but it's got a lot of fond memories attached to it. 

Everything is in the enevlop now, which I've decided to keep in a previous years journal. I hope to do another one one day when I'm feeling this lost in the world.


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