My perfect day

My perfect day - student project

(The reason I’m writing this is so that it might inspire others).

I took a workshop from Barbara Sher in 1986! You mentioned her in your final video. She had us describe our perfect day without real or perceived limitations, then she had us focus on one part of that day and decide to take one small step toward it.  I still remember mine was something like living on the water, owning a yacht, having friends over for champagne and scrabble….


Anyway, I decided to see if I couldn’t live by the water. I had just left Hewlett-Packard after 16 years to start my own consulting company and I was scared. I had no clients, no business plan and enough money to last only six months.  

I looked for small homes for sale on the Alameda estuary. I found a two-bedroom condo, sold my house and moved. My view overlooked a myriad of sailboats and I decorated the living room in pastel colors because I could. Just before I turned into a bag lady, I found a large client and my life  completely turned around for the better. 


Now, I’m retired in Mexico and I find myself mostly confined to my house because of COVID. What I want is more social time with real people, not just zoom. It’s hard to work towards that goal until we have vaccines. What I need is more exercise but am limited because of a spinal problem. I’ve known for decades that two of my strongest values are learning something new and being creative. During this pandemic, I've taken a myriad of on-line classes and am writing a memoir. 


Also, I’ve learned if I put things on my calendar, they’re a lot more likely to happen, so as a result of this class, I’m putting chair pilates and meditation on my calendar each morning to strengthen my body and ease my mind.  I’m scheduling zoom calls to family and friends on a regular basis. AND, I’m going to get off my duff and actually make time (that’s funny… I have too much time) to try out acrylic pour painting.  Thanks for a great class.