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Werner Du Toit

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My owner's manual


Want to be able to count them on one hand, so only 5 on my list.



I clearly need new permanent markers:)



This is for all the project I've worked on and still need to work on, my greatest fear is reaching the end and having regret that I didn't do more.



I have been in an environment where money is super important for as long as I can remember. Kinda feel like I'm failing to place value on earning money because of it, but to be honest I would love to earn more. Purely because it enables participating in as many adventures, mountain biking races and trail running as I can fit into a year. 



So I got this for completing the first proper difficult thing in my life. And then promply turned into an asshole by not celebrating it. Think to this day it still bothers me, and to this day I never celebrate completling super difficult things. Hope by putting it into an envelope this "Ghost of Christmas past" will haunt me no more, but will be a reminder from now on to celebrate even small wins in the future. 


Final Thoughts

Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty hearts can.


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