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My own sketchbook magic day 1-5... and onwards!


Well, this is my very first Skillshare project!! 

My name is Ulla and Im a graphic designer - I free lance and a lot of my work is focused on problem solving more so than playing with creativity.

I love listening to all the skillshare classes - but with a busy life, it sometimes seems hard for me to actually do the classes. But this one, Ria Sharon's "Skechbook Magic" has really inspired me to get started. I like that it is hands on - as I sit in front of the computer a lot of my workday.


DAY 1: But I don't have the right art supplies!

I found that the packaging from two picture frames - (styrofone backing and a cardbord corner) - could be quite usefull tools for making calligraphy and drawing.

My materials:  




I used guache - and later added black felt pen. 

This is one painting: 




And this is how I used the painting with added black felt pen. It was a fun project! 

DAY 2: But I don't know what to draw!

I did different scribbles with closed eyes - not lifting the pencil. This one I cleaned up on the computer.








This one was with left hand (Im right handed) I liked it and wanted to paint it with water colours and make it sort of like the glaze of porcelain. Well, that didn't quite work out....

But again the main thing: it was fun and I did a piece of hand generated drawing!
– It puts me in a good mood to sit and draw or paint. An activity I used to favour as a child.

.... Still love this class!


Using the magic bowl and rolling a dice (it landed on 1). I first used a watersoluble piece of watercolur crayon. Did the first simple sketch of a bike - it is not interesting - but you can see it is a bike. What really surprised me, was that it actually did not even take 1 min.! It has made me realize how quick drawing and visualizing actually is. 

I rolled the dice again and got 6 min and opted for a different bike with the same crayon - and did a bit more details. But as my sketchbook is not very big, the crayon is quite hard to not draw really thick lines.



The second 6 min drawing I decided to try with pen and ink, because I really love the thin and thick lines. I felt the nostalgic line would go well with the antique bike. It was fun - and difficult to draw circles with the pen.



I actually think this drawing took a bit longer than 6 min - my alarm didn't go of - 10 min probably. But I enjoyed doing it and that is the main thing :-)


Well, I don't get to sketch everyday ... but have started to look forward to doing so!

This days challenge was to be able to sketch everywhere - I got my bed - and picking a topich from my magic bowl, I got "things in my junk drawer". In there was my dad's dentures. My dad passed away 5 years ago and I kept his denture. I think because we always used to have a laugh when him would make a funny face after removing the dentures.

It was kind of strange to draw them. I used an ordinary pencil and was looking at the dentures in detail for the first time. I could almost hear his voice talking to me.

So sketching can do many good things for you  - even getting in touch with the disseased.



DAY 5 BUT what if it isn't any good!?


Today I got "leaves" from the magic bowl and the number 56 - Ive decided that it represents 56 weeks, as I don't get to sketch every day and Im happy as long as I do it regularly.

I decided to try painting with water colours from an image of leaves I found on google on my phone. It was just lovely to mix the paint - I adore water colours and the intensity of the dyes the liveliness of the water that you can't control.




Afterwards I thought it would be fun to try a more controlled medium - a black thin felt tip.


It was a challenge how to indicate the texture and structure of the leaf with the pen. I found it easier as I went along. Also that you don't have to draw absolutely everything - hinting at something is sometimes better. 


On a personal level it is interesting how I don't consider myself a person of detail - and yet I really enjoy detailed work.

Ive really got a lot of fun out of this class - it has gotten "me back to myself" so to speak. When doing these excersizes, time flies - and it feels like Im interacting with my own "core". It is joyfull to explore what is there. 

Today on my way to the office I picked many real autumn leaves. I will try to paint them next.

Well...I've completed my first skillshare class! Yeahh!! 

Continuing on: Day 6

Still doing leaves. These I found on my way to work and painted with watercolour. I even got a friend to come over and we sat and painted leaves! - What a nice thing to do instead of just meeting up in a cafe or sitting on the couch chatting! Very peacefull activity. Deffinately doing that again.



DAY 7 Nov. 4
Im still continuing sketching and trying out all my colours and paints. I have quite a lot that Ive never really explored - such as guache. I always thught it was too thick and dense - but when mixed with water it gets this lovely smoothe consistency. I also like mixing it with white and painting simple lines on top.
I did some cups from my kitchen collection and also a version of leaves.




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