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My own private Spoon River

Hi everybody! I am really happy to be part of this class and  project ;)

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

In step one, tell your classmates which text you’ve selected for your screenplay.  In 2-3 sentences, explain why you’ve chosen this text and what your focus will be.  Feel free to share an excerpt from the text that most inspires you.

The text that I have selected is Spoon River Anthology 

It is my first time reading a complete novel in english language and immediatly felt connection with Spoon River Anthology because at the beginning of the year I read a poem about Hart Crane and I created a kind of epitaph in response (but I am not a writer or poet), besides it reminds me the atmosphere in Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo. So I am very enthusiastic by this.

It was no easy to choose the characters for script, all of them are beauty and really want to live through our reading and writing with passion. Wow, how many adventures and roads to follow in an adaptation!

But finally I have decided my focus on Theodore, the poet as main character, accomplished, supported even enriched with Zilpha Marsh, The Village Atheist and some details from Abel Melveny and Editor Whedon.

Here some of the excerpt from text that most inspires me:

From Theodore, the poet

And you wondered in a trance of thought

what he knew, what he desired, and why he lived at all (the crawfish)

And why they kept crawling so busily (men and women and even himself)

Along the sandy way where water fails 

As the summer wanes.

From Zilpha Marsh

You talk nonsense to children, don't you?

And suppose I see what you never saw

And never heard of and have no word for.

I must talk nonsense when you ask me 

What it is I see!

From The Village Atheist

I who lie here was the village atheist,

Talkative, contentious, versed in the arguments

Of the infidels. But through a long sickness

Coughing myself to death I read the

Upanishads and the poetry of Jesus.

And they lighted a torch of hope and intuition

And desire which the Shadow

Leading me swiftly through the caverns of darkness,

Could not extinguish.

Listen to me, ye who live in the senses

And think through the senses only:

Immortality is not a gift,

Immortality is an achievement

From Abel Melveny

Getting rusted, warped and battered,

For I had no sheds to store them in,

And no use for most of them. (the machines that he bought through the time)

And toward the last, when I thought it over,

There by my window, growing clearer

About myself, as my pulse slowed down,

And looked at one of the mills I bought--

Which I didn't have the slightest need of,

As things turned out, and I never ran--

A fine machine, once brightly varnished,

And eager to do its work,

Now with its paint washed off--

I saw myself as a good machine

That Life had never used.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

For your second step, share the write up of your screenplay.  Continue uploading as many versions as you like, making sure to note which version is the most recent.  Let your classmates know where you’ve made progress or where you’re having trouble.

The story will be ubicated nowadays with Theodore, as a talented writer in his late 30's but stalled and distracted in his actual environment,  Zilpha as a childhood friend with the ability to see what others do not and the Village Atheist as Theodore's uncle and mentor.

The salvation for Theodore relies on visions of his childhood in Spoon River which emerge along the film as crawfish from their burrows.

Here I go with my screenplay:

I wish you read this and it lights "... a torch of hope and intuition, and desire which the Shadow leading you (originally is "me") swiftly through the caverns of darkness could not extinguish." (The Village Atheist in Spoon River Anthology).

I had some problems with the language, and doubts by page breaks. I have tried to capture a dual dialogue as well as a split screen so I ask you all your help to give support to the script. All your comments are welcome. I thank you in advance.


M. Rios.

14th August, 2014 ;)

Hera I go with my screenplay:

I made some changes in format, all your comments are very very welcome: Thanks again.

M. Rios

25th August, 2014 Here I go with the final draft of my screenplay: I really appreciate all your feedback. Thanks a lot. I hope all of us will continue on the road. It's not over until it's over. Sincerely, M. Rios ;)

Step 3: Writing Your Logline

In step three, share your logline with the class.  Keep it to 1-2 sentences (maximum) that summarize your story in an engaging way.  Include who your character is (protagonist), what he/she wants (goal), and what is in his/her way of getting it (conflict).  Choose nouns and adjectives that clearly reveal the genre of your story.

Tagline: Visions are the truth and the truth will set you Spoon River.

Logline: Theodore is a writer whose brilliant talents are hidden amid a great city and the weight of everything except him but distant visions built in childhood will emerge as a call to remind him what his soul has always been.


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