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My own Website/Blog

I work at a Digital Advertising Agency, and I would like to build my own website and blog to discuss topics I find interesting in this field, and stay up to date on new industry developments.

I would like to make something that will enhance my online reputation, enhance my standing with agency recruiters, and that all my followers can access. 

Problem Hypothesis:

I would like to increase engagement online with both followers, friends, and recruiters. 

Solution Hypothesis:

Using a website that houses content about myself, my work and what I am passionate about - I can create higher online engagement rates with my own personal brand among various groups of individuals. 

Assumption about users:

People will be able to organically find this site 

People will care about and view the content I put online 

I will increase my engaged followings on Twitter/LinkedIn

More recruiters will reach out to me about agency/high level client side positions 

Riskiest Assumption:

People will be able to discover and find meaning/engagement with my content 

Assumption Validation:

Questionnaire to Skillshare class takers: Do you own a personal website? How has it impacted your online personal brand? Do online users enage with your content? 




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