My own "Cliff Notes" for 10 Minute Digital Declutter

How To Read A Book In Under 30 Minutes Class project

Because I thought I might put notes on my project, I stopped and made notes as I hit a useful chapter, rather than doing a quick survey of them all first. I realized as I went through this book, that it, like many other nonfiction books, have "sub chapters" that I had to do 1st and last paragraph on.
Using your method did speed up mining informat (or data) - which, by the way I think is a better name for your class. The current title sounds like speed reading, as you apparently know since you started the lectures making this point.

10 Minute Digital Declutter
by S J Scott and Barrie Davenport

INTRO "The dangers of digital clutter" (Been there, know that. That's why I got the book)
"The importance of digital decluttering" Again, ditto

Except for "How to identify your life priorities (beyond the digital world.). That might have ideas worth checking out. Skimmed it, no nothing useful there.

"Getting started with digital decluttering
Types of digital declutter
"Someday clutter
Homeless cutter these require a decision
"What if?" Clutter

8 steps to the 19 minute digital decluttering habit Basically the
1 Commit to Declutter for 30 days ( building habit
2 Anchor habit to some establish routine
3 Pick a time to declutter
4 Take baby steps focus on small wins
5 Plan for obstacles ( things that undermine commentment
6 Reward important milestones

These were the subtitles of the of the six useful points for me. didn't need to do more than a quick skim of the info under them to see all the needed data was in the titles.

8 actions for starting your first decluttering project.
Pick time
Stick to 10 minutes this includes a suggestion for a book about forming HABITS that I've already read - very good source.
Find quiet, distraction free place
Shut down or turn off distractions
Star with device or area that bothers you the most
Make quick decision
Create holding pen (like a maybe file on you computer)
Again the titles said it all

7 question to ask while decluttering
Is this a file I rarely use
Does this mentally drain me
Is the information out dated
Am I keeping because it "might" be important but I don't know why
Have I used it and see no reason to use it again
Am I spending to long weighing the pros and cons
Is it related to a project I no longer plan to pursue

decluttering your social media activities ( don't do much so move on),

decluttering your email inbox
Already done but will skim for any new ideas
Found website unroll,me - could be worth checking out
Boomerang extension for deferred items in gmail
Filer emails check what your service has available

Declutter your computer
(Nothing new)

How to create a simple file system
(Nothing usable for me)

Protecting your digital life

The following is the useful information I gleaned in about 3 minutes checking headings and skimming, which 75 percent of the time the useful information was in the last paragraph.

The rule of three: real back up needs redundancy, save both digitally and physically - 3 copies of anything you care about photos,tax records,wills,inventory for insurance

Use 2 formats ( drop box, hard drive, DVDs, memory stick ,etc)

One copy stored in home and one outside of home ( Dropbox, safe deposit box)

Make backing up another daily or weekly habit

Create hard to break password: don't use dictionary passwords,don't use family info, mix upper and lower case letters , use at least 1 digit, use at least one special character, use minimum of 10 characters,use mnemonic to craft and remember

OR use password manager (dash lane last pass keep as)

Maintain your digital Declutter

Declutter every quarter

Consider using duplicate file finder: win merge, double killer, duplicate file finder, duplicate image finder
Run antivirus

CCleaner free IoIo system mechanic

Physically clean computer

Now You don't have to read the whole book!


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