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My ongoing IG challenge

I'm a bit late to the game here, as I took the class and then got distracted with work... BUT,  working on my IG feed has been an ongoing learning experience since the year plus that I started to get serious about it.     My goal for 2017 was to reach 1000 followers, which I did early in January.   I've definitely seen a difference with the IG  algorithms since the new year, so it was great to take this class.    I think many things I'm doing right, but I still need to work on my engagement more.   

I'm not sure I'm completely sold on getting a biz account, mainly because of reports that it makes a mess of existing Facebook pages, and I'm not ready to sacrifice mine yet.    But I can look at insights with the feed planner app I use,  "Later",  which I adore. 

I'm often tweaking my bio, and that will likely get worked on a bit more soon.   And my has way too many links, though I often put the newest classes at the top.   I ran a giveaway just a couple of weeks ago, so I probably won't do another until March, but I'm including an image from my last one. 

The biggest thing i'm doing now is experimenting with using less hashtags to see if it really makes a difference.  The jury's still out on that, as my follower acquisition seems to be slower than usual.    But i'm also starting to use Stories more and make use of the new Story highlights.  I've seen some pretty cool uses for that feature, so since the first screenshot i added two highlight collections to my bio.  

Anyway here are my beginning and current screenshots...   folks can find me on IG @sadiavt





Just posted another video on IG - a very short clip of me talking about why I find knotwork meditative.  As soon as I can crunch the file size on the larger video I hope to upload it to YouTube and share there, and post another short bit on IG.   



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