My object was the chair


One day I was a child and I found this chair that sat at for most of time, it was cozy, soft and comfortable. It had a lot of good memories but when I got older I found another chair that I sit in today writing these stories. It is light weight, soft and clean. One day when I got up from the chair after my writing day I heard this strange noise. It was the chair walking, and talking to me said you haven’t finished your short story. You need to finish it and I didn’t listen to it. I went to kitchen and start on a next project cooking for family. When I turned around the chair follow me to the kitchen would quick like a dog running. It is wooden chair and soft and comfortable but the chair said hello, you need to come back and finish writing your short story. I told the chair, I was in the middle of cooking, and I could not stop cooking and middle. I was get frustrated and very angry with the chair. Which I forget to finished writing the short story that because I was upset. The chair the next day told me you will have to read what you wrote to finished the story again, and I am like no I don’t.  But the chair was right; I was stuck because I didn’t finish that day.

               As now as today when the chair talked to me, I listen to it and tell me that I need to do short stories for me to keep on improving for writing for me to pass my development classes when I go back to college. Back when I got this chair and it had a twin but we only need one so when left one at the furtunie place and the chair was mad at us. It didn’t want us to sit down on it because we didn’t have it twin.  So when just had to tell the chair who was boss but it started talking bad lounge and we had to spank the chair to learn the chair said no. I sat on it one day, it said please go back and grab my twin chair before someone destroy it. When like who would destroy but it had a mind of its own.            

               So that night and I told my mom what the chair told me. She told me the chair doesn’t talk and it doesn’t have it mind on its own. So my mom came to sit in it and the chair move and made my mom fall down and said you move the chair and I was way over there by my closet cleaning up when I heard a crashed and I scream so loud because the chair was being ugly to my mom because she didn’t want to get the twin chair. The chair told my mom ha-ha you miss me why is that? She was really serious that the chair was crazy and she didn’t believe me and the chair talked or moves.  That night, after I help my mom up of the ground when we went to get the twin chair, which the chair was right in the first place. It was destroy, and we couldn’t go back home without get that chair because the chair would be upset and someone could get hurt. So when took the chair as it was and the other chair said you should have gone earlier the day before when I told your daughter that the chair was going to get destroy today. She had feeling that her twin sister was not going to make it. So she was sad when we got the chair home and we couldn’t sit on that chair and the other chair won’t us let it sit on him. So weeks gone by and I haven’t done in writing assignments to pass development course that I am trying to work on. One day I told the chair, we got your dang sister and you need to be happy and let me finished writing my short story. The chair said fine in this dramatically way.

               So now it as the time goes by and I am writing the stories of a good memories and it make me laugh.  So the chair heard me laughing yesterday and said why you are laughing. Because I joy writing these funny stories from a childhood.  So when got rid of these two chair because they were not being nice. So now I am sitting on hard back wood at my computer desk with my back not comfortable. So I hope I get one day. I new soft chair for my computer desk.

               I am happy to have get those two chairs that were moving and talking out of my house and hopefully one day. I would find a chair where I can enjoy and sit on it while I am writing my stories about make up memory. So I am sitting down right now start writing stories because after I organize my room this morning. So now I have a place to put the new chair when I see it the one that I want. It had to be comfortable and cozy for me to sit instead of having this hard wooden chair and it hurt my back to sit all the way back.