My notebook

My notebook - student project

I love my notebook and I carry it with me all the time, as well as other smaller notepads just in case, the thing is that the thing I always have in my hands is my phone so my notebook is not as full as I wish for it to be. The things I will put into practice after this course is putting away the phone and taking my notebook out more often. I believe that in some way I use the phone 'cause I have no personal pressure of writing pretty in it or drawing or sticking objects to it, like I do with my writing notebook. Once I get rid of that stupid pressure, I'll feel better I know it! and it's like you said, this is for me and not for public consumption so I can make mistakes and be messy. I just have to quiet down the inner critic to be able to do it. 

Mariel Amelia Cruz Luna
Creative Writer/Passion Seeker