Alicia Grady

Branding specialist



My night-time productivity routine



How will I celebrate each day?
By focusing on my "Done" list. I will ding my Tibetan cymbals for each accomplished task and acknowledge and celebrate my progress. I will take a moment to be grateful that I have given time to my business and be gentle on myself if I am feeling disappointed with my progress that day. Then focus on a fresh start tomorrow.

How will I prioritise tasks?
Does this really have to be done tomorrow? Use Eisenhower box (Important - not important / urgent - not urgent)

How will I mark important tasks?
I will use a certain colour on trello



Review my day:
“Done” and “not done list” AND CELEBRATE!

Make a list for tomorrow:
Prioritise and add in other obligations.
Schedule what hours I have to work on the business the next day so I am clear when I will be working.

ONE task.
Ideally I would work on it at 1pm or 8pm.

Organise desk and gather any materials required.
Move Trello cards so my focus and to-do list for the next day is clear.

Night-time ritual:
- Pilates exercises?
- Journal gratitude list and small gratitude mediation


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