My new plant space - UPDATE :-)

My new plant space - UPDATE :-) - student project

My new plant space - UPDATE :-) - image 1 - student projectI had a glass pane put in to separate my main floor from my basement. I had a thought to make this an indoor plant wall, as it gets tons of indirect light.  My living room also gets drenched with direct sunlight even in the Winter. I have always wanted to have more plants in the house. I researched plants that are okay with pets. I plan to add more and try growing herbs that I can use in the kitchen. I also have been running a fresh outdoor essential oil scent in an atomizer and it feels like I am outdoors - where I love. project continued...I added laptop table for some usable space, made a plywood cover for our cat box (needs to be painted), found some small succulents for the wall shelves...I often sit in this space to check email or mark papers!My new plant space - UPDATE :-) - image 2 - student project

Jaci Lyndon
Learning Adventurist & Curator