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My new home: Neukölln, Berlin

Two months ago I moved to the neighborhood of Neukölln in Berlin as my new home after living in the Lower East Side of New York for the last four years. Discovering my new neighborhood was extrememly important to me to feel more at home in a new city. As I work freelance I wanted to explore all of the cafes with wifi in my neighborhood to see which best fit my vibe to be my "office" for the day. This is why you'll see a lot of cafe fascades. It's been fun discovering my neighborhood this way and great way to meet new people. 

Neukölln has a reputation of being a little gritty and dirty, but is currently the up and coming neighborhood that everyone wants to live in. I see it as what Willamsburg was four years ago. From abandoned airports to huge swimming pools, I really think Neukölln is a special gem in Berlin. 

In my photos I also focus on incoporating myself while I discover new places in conjuction with a menswear personal style blog that I run. 

All of my photos are iPhone 5s and edited with a variation of: VSCO, Snapseed, and SKRWT. 

I am always looking for new insta-friends: @FredRdgz


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