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My new class - Decluttering for Creatives: Fuel Your Dreams and Ditch Distractions

Hello fellow instructors!

I'm excited to launch my new class Decluttering for Creatives. This is my second class. My first, Find Your Life Purpose in 10 Short Activities, took many months to get to its current 530 students. Because of this I decided to try listing my new class for free for a few days to help boost its trending potential and to gain much needed social proof. I have not yet sent out communications in email or on social platforms and am currently relying completely on the Skillshare platform.

Four full days set at FREE:


I published my class around 8 PM EST on a Saturday (2/27) and was surprised that within a few hours two students started projects (one is still set to hidden so only I and the student can see it). 

Once I had over 100 students (currently 113) and the class was trending within the top six of several subcategories as well as the catch-all 'free' category, I switched it to Premium (at the start of Thursday 03/03). I expected to see my student sign-ups drop drastically.

The switch to Premium:

As you can see below, my first four days as a Premium class (03/03 - 03/06) my enrollments dropped - but they have not (yet) fallen off a clif. Note: the Total Visit data does not appear to be accurate as both my much older class and this new class have zero site visits listed for the past few days.


Has anyone else tried out going from Free to Premium in the first two weeks?

Student Engagement

This class seems a natural fit for a Workshop, so in the next week or so I hope to try this.

Best of luck to all,

+kelly jo


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