My new Italian Cooking class

My new Italian Cooking class - student project

Hi Dawid, I found your class extremely interesting and useful. I published my new Italian Cooking class last Friday, even if it is not my favorite day to publish it, because I was slowed down by a few problems with my editing software and I wanted to comply with the Returning Teachers Challenge.

My class is about the best recipe ever to prepare Italian Potato Gnocchi with Basil Pesto and I can affirm that for sure since I stole it form my mom's cookbook! Potato Gnocchi are a very good alternative to pasta and even if preparing them at home could sound intimidating, they are quite easy to make and can be combined with a lot of different sauces. Basil Pesto is my favorite one!

I used your advice right away because I was not convinced on the title, I checked it on the website CoSchedule and it got a very low grade.

So I tested a few and changed it from "My MAMMA's Secret Recipe of Italian POTATO GNOCCHI with PESTO" to "How to Make Italian POTATO GNOCCHI with PESTO just like my MAMMA" and I have to say that is working so much better!


Elena Maria Manzini

Passionate Italian Foodblogger