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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design



My new Intro video made for my second class I'm doing...

Hi, this was really fun class, and I did try to use a few tips when I did made my intro video for my second Skillshare class. I know the intro video is really not close to perfection, but I did try my best.
PS I even don't speak English, so being uncomfortable in front of the lens is just a small thing I need to leave behind.
For this short video I need to make a few trials, but hey this one is the best one...the rest was even worse...because I did forget to klick on some bottom, or I was not loud enough, or I just didn't know how to say a word...
So I did show my quirkiness and the trick that is helping me is a small snail shell typed on top of the camera, so he was the only helper I have.

At the end filming this did start to become even fun, but I could do it all day long, and even then it won't be perfect. But hey I do have a video...that count, right? No matter how much better it could be.

OK, for non-talking English person, I write way too much.

Thanks for the class.

Link to my Intro...if it will work.

Link to my published class, just in case if you will want to join me. Thanks and have a nice day. Mik



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