My neighbourhood in Glasgow (Scotland, UK)

I have really enjoyed this project and it has reignited my love of photoshop after last using it when I was at art college many years ago (20 years ago!)  I want to thank you Tom for inspiring me.  I also share a love of anything Mid Century and I feel so lucky to have discovered your work and these amazing classes.  I am feeling very inspired at the moment and have been working on my map all week, every night working away on it as the hours fly by.  I have a government office job so it is very dry and I am a mum to 2 kids so I have very little time to devote to my artwork but having a project brief to work with has helped me stay focussed.  I also enjoyed and was inspired by your interview on the 'meaning movement'; it really struck a cord with me!


Anyway onto the map!  I used a limited colour palette and used a lovely mustard (one of my favourite colours) for the buildings.  The class allowed me to learn about alpha channels which I had never used before.  WOW!  loved using them and think they will be my 'go to' method in photoshop.  I still struggled with manipulating the handles of the paths tool and resorted to using the transform tool to squeeze shapes into what I wanted.  

In my usual artwork, I regularly use a nib pen and ink so that aspect of the project was very familiar to me.  I did struggle with using the nib pen for text and resorted to a fine-liner pen.


After finishing my map I realise that the colour palette I have used is very similar to the work of Olle Eksell (not intentional but maybe I was channeling his work in the back of my mind).  



My finished map!



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