My moodboard with intro to why I am here.

My goal with this course is to re-learn studio photography in the digital age. All my photography education is from 20 years ago. At present, I have a makeshift at home studio to work with for this class, which will present uniqe challenges in itself. I am planning on capturing images of children with the hopes to turn this skill into a side business of headshots and portraiture of children only to start with. 

Historically, I have been able to capture awesome images on the fly in natural settings, what I want is to also capture the more "formal" portraits under studio lights and backdrops. 

The selection of images I added here for my moodboard show kids being real mostly taken by their own parents. Ralph Eugene Meatyard (top row) is one of my biggest influences along with Sally Mann (centre row) and I threw in a couple of Annie Leibovitz (bottom corners) portraits to show the joining of these real expressions into the more formal portrait that I hope to capture from the children I will be shooting throughout this course.

As for who is hot in photography today, I have no clue and I don't really care. To look at all of that just overwhelms me and then I stop creating. I am here to create and to move forward as a better photographer.


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