My mini bio video using LUMEN5

My Mini-Bio (part 1) Story:


I was born and raised in three different small towns in Miyagi prefecture in Japan with my younger brother in a single-story home. 

My Dad is a hard-working entrepreneur. He was at a company day and night.

My mother was a full-time housewife before my Dad started his company.

She is always cheerful and shines my life. 


The rapid growth of my father’s company brought us a brand new two-story house. I was so happy to have my own room to study and sleep. I invited my classmates to my new room.

Since then, I was being ignored as bullying at school. I was being alone in a class and feel lonely.

That maybe made me move out of this small town when I graduate high school. 

During freshman year, I got an idea if I become a teenage singer, I could get out of this town before my graduation. However, my application never went through. 

In Junior year, I realized if I pursue to go to Art School, I definitely need to move to Tokyo. 

I finally got out of the town and moved into Tokyo 2 weeks after my graduation. I had so much fun living in Big City, where I merely bumped into someone I know. I often went to my favorite band’s concerts.

After college, I was hired by a stylist office were closely working with an ad agency. 

But I quit 11 months later because I still want to work for Entertainment Business. I got so inspired by back up dancers and stage staff from Los Angeles for Japanese Pop Singer when I work with them for Japan’s national tour. 

I persuaded my boss and my parents why I really want to go to Hollywood and become a costume designer. Around that time, late Ms. Eiko Ishioka won the best costume design at Oscar. I was so inspired by her interview article. 

that “There is not much creativity in the Hollywood Filmmaking. That’s why I live in NY.”

I followed Eiko’s step and decided to go to NYC instead

“Dream it, Make it” 

I landed in NYC on January 10th, 1994.

My friends were making fun of me I am a Party Animal. Because I went to parties each other days to meet new people and tell them why I came to NYC.

Next Spring, I got my first Independent Film job as a wardrobe stylist. Same time I found out there are not many film jobs during the very cold wintertime. 


Because I constantly found myself making things out of extra fabric pieces. I instinctively turned them into my first signature TESAGE and sold at a consignment store. One day I run into a lady who carried my TESAGE purse in Kansas City. She introduced my TESAGE purse to the retail stores in Kansas City.

My TESAGE purse business had grown and opened an eCommerce website in September 2000.

We were expanding to open Amazon Store in 2006, and Etsy Shop in 2008. 

A few months later, Lehman Brothers collapse and the great recession hit to US economy including my company. Our revenue got down by 45%

We tried many different online marketing tactics. That made even worse. 

We were accumulating snowball debt, I had to make a big decision before reaching $200K in debt. I pivot to internet business. That was in Spring 2014.

To Be Continued

Yukiko Sato
StoryVideo Lean Life & Work Designer