My method

My method - student project

A few years ago I decided to start creating nature inspired jewelry and accessories.

My grandmother was a talented seamstress and crafter. I was young when she passed away but I can still remember many things she created, including a beautiful 3D flower she knitted to decorate a skirt she made for me. I was keeping the memory of this flower in mind during all these years and it reappeared a few years ago.

I started by incorporating existing models and other author's designs in my own creations but more I created, more I wanted my flowers even more realistic and similar to the real ones. Even if I always thought I was a bad crocheter, I finished by creating my own techniques that permit me to combine simplicity with realism. I would like to systematize all this and share my experience in a book.

So reading crochet books, following others' patterns permitted me to improve my techniques and be finally able to create myself. Now I have to analyze all this and gather my thoughts, my own experience  in a book.

It won't be simple.

Eléna Leprêtre
Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover