My meditation journal

Day 1

- Date: 20/03/20
- Time: 3 AM
- Duration: 1 minute

- Highlights: I was able to concentrate better than I thought, but I still found my mind wandering off. A total of 8 in- and exhales. Tomorrow I will try 2 minutes at a much earlier time

- Issues/questions: My breathing was still slightly unsteady, how can I improve on this? Concentration is an issue for me, so I won't be surprised that one of the next sessions will be more troubling for me. 


Day 2

- Date: 21/03/20
- Time: 2:58 PM
- Duration: 2 minutes

- Highlights: I decided to go with breathing in slower and holding in longer, which seemed to work better for me. Tomorrow I won't set stopwatch; I'll meditate for as long as I can
- Issues/questions: No issues or questions


Day 3

- Date: 22/03/20
- Time: 1:58 PM
- Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds

- Highlights: Woke up feeling great, the rest of my morning was filled with positive vibes from friends and family so my meditation felt different - better and more satisfying.

I have also noticed that the chirping of my pet birds helps with envisioning nature.
- Issues/questions:  No issues. Question: is it an issue if I can't really sit still but still can focus my breath? I assume it's not, but I wanted to ask just in case.


Day 4

- Date: 23/03/20
- Time: 9 AM
- Duration: 2 minutes, 30 seconds

- Highlights: I decided to move locations today - from my room to the living room. The fresher air and sound of my birds chirping helped with my breathing and envisioning

- Issues/questions: No issues or questions.


Day 5

- Date: 24/03/20
- Time: 6 PM
- Duration: 3 minutes

- Highlights: Today's session felt slightly longer, it usually feels very fast - I felt little difference jumping from 1 minute to 2 minutes, but otherwise a good session.

- Issues/questions: No issues or questions.


Day 6

- Date: 25/03/20
- Time: 7:55 PM
- Duration: 5 minutes, 23 seconds

- Highlights: I decided to meditate for as long as I'm comfortably possible with, I was surprised by the outcome.

- Issues/questions: No issues or question


Day 7

- Date: 26/03/20
- Time:10 PM
- Duration: 5 minutes

- Highlights: Since I've started, I've been slowly able to breathe better and easier, I can also slightly focus better on a task, more than before. 

- Issues/questions: No issues or question