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My meaning of life

Hi! It was hard for me to choose phrase, but I decided not to think too much and came up with a joke: my meaning of life is to make pizza for you. It had born when I was at my sister's house and her boyfriend asked her by the phone: "oh, your sister is there! Is she going to make a pizza?". I thought: hey! He thinks that the only reason I came to my sister is to make pizza? Is it my meaning of life? Anyway I don't know what it is. And my sister's birthday is at this weekend, and she wants me to make pizza for the party for all her frinds)) So I guess I found my place in this world, haha.

And here some images for inspiration:

1. Very beautiful pizza with spices. I like to use spices and this pieces seems to be vegetarian, as I usually do. I like the shape of pizza slice and I think I can fit my phrase in this shape.


2. I like how cheese make this lines. And also like big pieces - olive and pepper and tomato. It would look nice in illustration.


3. I bake pizza in a regular oven, not with such a fire. But fire is really awesome!)


4. This pizza-people looks funny! Especially the men - he is so grumpy in his costume)



5. Chef's hat!


6. Something classical philosophical, like this quote with nature background. And Buddha, as a symbol of getting enlightenment - I found my meaning of life, you know.



7. And I found this awesome T-shirt (now I want it). I like the space background, it has feeling of enlightenment too.


UPDATE 02.11.2015

Sorry for a little missing deadline for this step (my plans were broken). Here my first sketch and also colored version. I can't stop and colored it :)

Here my pencil sketch:


I used tracing paper when I started to ink, by the way I fix composition a little bit.



Then I just use cool method of coloring that I knew here on skillshare: I put my scanned version in Illustrator, trace it and then just colored it. For me it's the easiest and fastest way to color drawings and now I use this method every time. I played with color and added some textures. It's so fun that I can't stop doing it and I think I should color all my versions))

Here my result:


UPDATE 03.11.2015

I found another reference picture that I like, here it is:


I like this psychedelic pattern.

And based on some of my inspiration pictures I made this raw sketch:


This one would represent whispering. Words are all equal and look like a part of pattern. I should draw it once again and make all clear and pay attention to lettering, but idea is ready.

UPDATE 04.11.2015

I used Mete's advices and make a pizza-mandala pattern. At first I planned to draw my pattern in illustrator by copying elements to make all look perfect, but then I decided to draw all by hand. I like hand drawn things. Mete's idea of levitating hat made me think about gif animation and I've done it :))


UPDATE 05.11.2015

Here my 3d loudest sketch. I played with sarcasm of my phrase and draw grumpy me in a pizza costume. I think: are you SERIOUSLY think that I will always make pizza for you?


UPDATE 06.11.2015

I used Mete's advices and redraw my sketch. I decided to make picket sign from craft paper and draw lettering with the marker. I cut it and glue to white paper with character. Also I colored my character with markers. It hard for me to find something new that I don't tried, but I think markers looks good for this piece :) It is actually one of my favorite material (I'm a big kid).


I had a lot of fun with this project and it was really helpful and inspiring. And thank you so much, Mete, for your help and feedbacks, it was great experience.


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