Lucia Balcazar

Paper Artist



My marbled paper tulip

Materials I used for my tulip

My tulip project starts with my inspiration photo. I found this beautiful white and purple marbled tulip online looking through tulip pictures. Photo credit goes to Rona Black


I painted the paper mainly inspired by the photo, but adding my own creative touches.


Once the paper dried, I wired my six petals. 


I cut my six petals and add some extra details with 60g fine crepe. I also cut some details, such as ridges at the top of the petal, with my scissors. 


My tulip center consists of 5 stamens and the stigma. I'm thinking of color variations for the center, like pale green with white and yellow for example. Sometimes I use polymer clay to sculpt my stigma and then I cover it with fine crepe paper. 


Now that I have my center and the six wired and cut petals, I can assemble the tulip. I add two olive green leaves that are approximately 4-5 inches long. 



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