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My little world


I'm Tania and I used to paint a lot, but then I stopped for almost 10 years. Now I am trying to recover my skills and get inspiration. Painting is very important for me, I forget everything when I paint, even myself:) I hope that this class will help me to paint every day without any fears or perfectionism:)) I want to try as much new stuff as I can and enjoy every minute of it:))

Soooo let's begin.

Practice 1. Warm up!

Day 1.

Lately I enjoy colors, so I decided to start with simple gouache! Also I was always afraid of canvas boards so there is a small battle with my fear hear:) a sketch on canvas board! And I will not feel guilty for spoiling such good materials:))

My word from the magic bowl is "country". I didn't know what to paint so I just looked at one photo from my summer trip to Italy and made a picture out of it. The place called Lignano, Hemingway liked this city a lot:) I decided to paint 1 hour a day for this class, it's a perfect timing for me. So here it is.


Day 2.

Today's word is 'face'! I was postponing till the night and then finally made sth from my imagination.


Day 3.

It was a bit optimistic, I guess, to think that I'll spend 1h every day:). Anyway.. Today's word is "spoon" and one simple sketch!


Day 4.

Today the word was 'name' and I had no idea how to draw a name:)) so I just picked a name from my head and tried to make a girl with that name.


Practice 2. Joy.

I love to start painting without knowing what will be in the end. So I just start using the line and see where it brings me. Mostly I get faces, don't know why:)

Day 5. 


Practice 3. My artist's day.

On my artist's day I went to Gaultier's exhibition. I did not like it a lot, but it was definitely fun:) The colors and textiles were amazing actually, but the design and ideas - totally crazy. I got some sketches and then went to an art shop and bought some nice acrilic paints and painted my sketches with my own colors. Here's the result:)

Day 6.





Practice 4. Seasons.

I feel like today is my spring. I made a magic bowl and got "take pictures" out! I was just photographing what was around me. The day was sunny and very warm:)

Day 7.





Day 8. Mailbox


Day 9.

"Star" vs. "music".



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