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My little PROJECT

Hi everyone... My name is Meliana. I'm from Indonesia, but currently i live in Pasadena. I just moved here almost 2 years ago. So, excuse me for my english :p. This is my first project. I know, I'm far away behind all of you. Better late than never. My mission is to make my home nicer than before. Don't we all want that?Hopefully, i can get some feedback from all of you to help accomplish my mission. Enjoy!



This is my living area before. After i took the 'before' picture, i moved the couch and the coffee table, because i want my living room little bit spacious than before.

I was adding my eiffel chair to give a modern look and give a little bling from the wire. But right now, i'm gonna focusing on my coffee table that need to be styled & coordinated. 


The peonies really bring a such pop color in the room.

I moved the throw from the couch to the eiffel chair.

Voila! I feel my coffee table looks better and appealing than before. I know it's a lot of books, because my husband is a book junkie, especially animation art book. He is an animator, He loves  to sketch anywhere, anytime he wants. Besides that, i like to sketch my handmade jewelry too. So i put the sketch book & pencil color to make it easier when we have some ideas to be sketched.

I don't have many bling items for my coffee table, but i try to accentuate it from my eiffel chair wire, and my lid candle has a bling on it. And the faux fur rug under the table makes a different. It gives a texture and a coziness.

I can't wait to hear some feedback from all of you guys. I'm really looking forward to it!


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