My life ROCKS!

My project is to create a life I love through connection, inspiration and passion.

What I want and don't want:

My life in 10 years:

I have recently celebrated my 40th birthday surrounded by my loving husband, Joe; two kids, who are 9 and 7 years old; vibrant parents, in-laws and closest friends. I feel stable, secure, healthy and young. I am healthier, happier and fitter than I've ever been. Our Spanish-inspired villa is warmed by the natural Southern Californian sunlight that fills each room and the sound of happy children resonates through the open outdoor courtyard. The land we live on is natural and lush. Our property is green and sustained primarily by solar energy. Our dogs (English bulldog, old English sheep dog, and a Japanese chin) run freely and are part of our family. 

I run my own yoga and wellness studio and Joe is a partner at Deloitte. With our combined income we live simply, comfortably and authentically, using most of our income for travel and sending our kids to the best school in the area. 

On Wednesday, I wake up early to start my day with a strong yoga practice before the morning rush of breakfast and carpool. I prepare a nutritious breakfast and pack delicious lunches for the entire family. The kids and I jump in the car, pick up the neighbour kids and to head to school; it's a quick and easy 15 minutes away. My yoga and wellness studio is also close by so my commute is easy and I avoid the traffic of the city. I spend my day at the studio having development conversations with my staff and providing clients with life coaching, nutritious food at the yogi bar, and a variety of yoga and mental health services that fills their day with fulfilment and laughter. The studio is a space for my true self to shine, sharing my passion for making an impact in the community and empowering people to live a life they love. I enjoy it so much that it's hard to believe I call this work. The day flies by so quickly and I leave the beautiful, serene space of the studio to pick up the kids from school and drive them to soccer practice and piano lessons. I wind down the day by enjoying a healthy home-cooked meal with the family in our outdoor dining room under the clear sky filled with bright shining stars.     

On Saturday, I dry off after a morning of paddle boarding for my daily vinyasa led by the sound of crashing waves in my outdoor yoga room. Joe and I take a stroll with our kids and dogs down the beach boardwalk to our favourite brunch spot nearby. After enjoying out skinny lattes, I check in with the manager of my yoga business and drop by with some homemade treats to thank the team for their dedication. We pick fresh vegetables from our garden and spend the afternoon in our home filled with the aroma of Mexican spices being prepared for dinner and the vibrant company of our families and close friends. We are grateful for the delicious wine and stimulating conversations that leads us to ideas for our next great adventure.

We stand still long enough to be present in each moment, but we never settle for mediocrity. Our family is filled with individual, unique talents and spirits. We love, laugh and cherish the moments we have together... never taking each other or what we have created together for granted. 

What I learned from interviewing friends, family and colleagues:

I am am an empowering and grounding support to those in my life. I inspire others through the way I live my life. My humility opens a door for authentic communication free of judgment. My frustrations at situations that don't meet my expectations are visible to others and debilitate my potential. I light up when doing or talking about projects when I feel chellenged and take it on to make something great... I need intellectual stimulation, connection, and feeling of having an impact on the world to be fullfiled in life. People see me capable and full of potential... I need to believe in it and use it up!

10 year goals


I own a Spanish-inspired villa on a large plot of land in Southern California by 2023

I travel to a different country with my family at least twice a year by 2020

I teach my children the values of being present in the moment, being kind to themselves and others, and being their true and authentic selves by 2020


I own a yoga & positive psychology studio and give back 15% to global health causes by 2023

I have a world-wide network of colleagues and friends who are yoga, personal development and health professionals by 2020


I live stress-free and treat myself to a spa treatment once a month by 2020

I read the latest health and psychology research publications every week by 2018

5 year goals


I pay off my student loans and am debt free by March 2018

I host a dinner party at our home once a month with friends by May 2014

I am in a supportive and loving marriage with two beautiful and healthy children by Jan 2018


I write a business plan and raise $500,000 to start my studio by Jan 2018

I lead the development of a lululemon community yoga and training studio in LA by June 2015


I grow my own organic vegetables in my lush garden by Dec 2014

I am pregnant and eat only nutrient rich foods to nurish myself and my growing baby by May 2014

1 year goals


I teach yoga at 3 different Melbourne region lululemon stores after completing my yoga teacher training by Jan 30, 2014

I suprise Joe with a special date night every week by May 1, 2014

I support people in my life with clear and intentional communication through my practice of increased self awareness by Dec 1, 2013


I join the lululemon team in L.A. working in a cross funtional role in community and training/development by June 2014

I present a training and development session during the leadership conference in Australia by September 27, 2013

I attend Landmak Advanced Course and continue to generate a powerful, inspiring voice that empowers and supports others by August 20, 2013


I balance my daily yoga practice with clean eating by July 1, 2013

I bike to work daily... sweating a little, saving monty, and reducing my carbon footprint along the way by Dec 1, 2013


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