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My lettering

This class was really inspiring. I've been trying out some lettering before, so there was not that much of new information, but the best thing in any class is the inspiration and motivation to do something, not just watch and remember the theory :) 

I've tried to write with my tombow marker, but it's no this easy as it looks at first (I can't get good contrast beetween thik and thin strokes). May be I need to try another brushpen or just to continue using fine tip pens, as I did for my quote. 

I've tried to explore some antique font for my next quote using calligraphy marker with wide tip. It would be better to use real calligraphy pen, but for now it's also an opportunity to explore some new fonts. I know, that all this letters are really bad and I should use some guidelines etc to get them even, but I prefer to start with some incorrect quick exercise instead of doing nothing because this takes too much time :)))

And I really need to buy some tracing paper! It could be helpful to copy some fonts and I want to try out refining my sketches that way. The only uestion is - how to transfer your final sketch to normal paper again?





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