My lettering project

My lettering project - student project

Hello all, this course has been quite a journey! I've always been interested in letterings but had this feeling there were lots of things missing. This course really helped me out to see what was it. Before talking about my project let me explain myself about reusing the papers. Due to the quarantine, I'm running out watercolor papers so I had to use old ones to the pulse and precision exercises and saved some brand new paper to the final project.


The Pulse and precision was a good way to practice again the idea of ticker and thinner lines.

My lettering project - image 1 - student project


After that, I tried to practice some letterings and I found really hard to work with thinner lines, although the result is incredibly beautiful.My lettering project - image 2 - student project

Working on the second lettering was easier and the third even more. What I liked the most about this exercise was exactly what Ana said about the little details. So, I'd never draw a K using the lines the way I used on the first and second lettering styles but by doing so I could uderstand how each has different impact over the final project.

My lettering project - image 3 - student project

Finally, we started the personal lettering style and it was amazing to think of how I can use my own personal writing as a base for my lettering style. It was difficult to remember all the ways I usually write and I'm sure I can still improve it, but I loved the process of gaining confidence over my own lettering style.

My lettering project - image 4 - student project

My lettering project - image 5 - student project

Finally the hard part, the quote, and the invitations. As I was going to present a live class over positive psychology I decided to substitute the quote for a post to be shared on Instagram.

For the final project, I decided to practice the textures I learned for Ana's texture class, a constellation from another class and some other free stile textures. To keep them all on the same theme I decided to use my business pallet which I created in another class here on skillshare, and make personal cards for my students and send it to them by mail I believe they will be happy!

Ana, thank you for all of your classes, they are really helping a lot, especially when we take all of them as I'm My lettering project - image 6 - student projectdoing right now. My lettering project - image 7 - student projectMy lettering project - image 8 - student project