My legs just go...

My legs just go... - student project

I know I'm a strong, athletic woman.

I enjoy being active, working out on a daily basis, and challenging myself. However, I've never quite reached the point of feeling like it's truly ME. I validate adjectives like "strong" and "powerful" but want to break through my mental block by knowing fitness is not something to achieve; I am already there. It just looks different for different people.

I am fit. I am active. I am a runner. 

I plan on BEING this by aiming for the following goals:

1. Boot Camp M/W/TH. Consider myself a valid member of the group. 

2. On other days, focus on increasing my pace and/or distance. (>11 min. miles; >3 miles) 

3. Conceptualize food as fuel for my working body, not as an outlet for laziness, tiredness, emotions, etc.