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Introduction to Salesforce

Class Description

In this class I will give you a brief introduction to the platform. I will describe the history of salesforce and some of the major features of the product.  In addition, I will show you how to sign up for a free developer account and the basic features of the system.  In addition to the major features of the product, I will show you how to use as a software development platform. I will show you how to quickly build a simple program on the salesforce platform and some of the advantages of using salesforce for custom software development.


I currently have 175 students on Skillshare and hope to have 500 by the first of the year.  I have 5 classes published so far all in the technology/software development area and have several more in the making. My long term goal is for Skillshare to augment some on premise classes I am developing and allow me to teach full time.


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