My journey

On Fitocracy I'm jacquic. 

My goals:

  1. Strength: Lift proper weights like bench press. 
  2. Fitness: Run 10k in under an hour
  3. Flexibility: Touch my toes with my legs straight


Why? I just would like the challenge - I've never been particularly strong, and I like the idea of changing that. Also, it's nice to see clear progress, and if I'm lifting different weights I will be able to see how things have changed since I started. 

Progress to date

15/01 Today I started a program at the gym. I'm working up to proper weights via dumbells, a fitness ball and machines. I will up the weight when it gets easy and he'll move me onto more exciting weights. I'm meeting him again next Wednesday 23rd.

24/01 Now I've been to the gym 5 times. I've improved my goblet squat from 4kg to 6kg to 8kg, and the lunges which were really horrible the first time are now a lot easier. 


Why? Because it's annoying to be out of breath when running for the train.

The closest I got when I was running a half marathon and doing a sprint triathlon was 1hr 7min. This was a few years ago. I'm sure it's possible. No particular rush though - just sometime during 2013 if possible. 

Progress to date



Why? Because other people can do it. 

I think it's partly my back and partly my hamstrings. My lower back is all straight and won't bend - maybe I should see an osteopath or something. It's a bit embarrassing in yoga when we roll down onto the floor and everyone else goes smoothly and I go thump. And my legs just aren't flexible. 

Progress to date

24/01 I've been stretching every time I've been to the gym and have worked up to 8 minutes stretching. I think it's made a difference - hard to tell as yet. 


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