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My job posting on Freelancer

I actually needed to hire someone to transcribe some files for me and I posted a job on

My title was short and contained the main points of the job: the applicants had to be able to transcribe files in US English, and there were going to be more transcriptions in the future, so it was a long term job.


My description was detailed, describing everything about the job, in order to attract the most suitable candidates. I mentioned that I will require 5 minutes of transcription as a test before hiring anyone.

In the end, I asked the applicants to answer two questions, so I can eliminate those people who just bid without reading the description. This seemed like a clever strategy when I learned about it in one of the lectures.

The candidates were required to have the following skills: English (US), English Grammar, English Spelling, and Transcription. Anyone who didn't have that on their profile couldn't bid. 


In a short time, I got 13 bids. 



I was excited to read them. I noticed three types of people in my list of bids.

The first category were the people that didn't provide a proposal and didn't answer my questions. Do these people just bid randomly? They obviously didn't read my description. Is there any way to stop receiving this kind of bids?

Then, there were the people who had a very good rating and a lot of great feedback, but they were asking for a higher price than I could afford. I clearly stated that in my description, but they bid anyway and were trying to explain that the price was too low. I had to eliminate them too, with a little regret, because they were probably good for the job.

The bids that were in my price range were from people that didn't have reviews, but understood my project and answered my questions. So from this category, I selected 4 people on my preference list. This option is quite useful if you have a lot of bids. I didn't like the fact that you couldn't delete or hide the unwanted bids. 

After a few hours, seeing that no more bids appear, I started analyzing these 4 people better. I eliminated the ones that made some grammar mistakes, because I needed perfect English.

I decided to give a chance to a freelancer that just moved to my country from Canada. She was obviously a native English speaker, she wrote a nice proposal in both my native language and hers, and matched my price.


She was online when I contacted her, responded immediately, and transcribed the 5 minutes for the test.

It turned out that it was a great choice. She delivered everything on time and with little errors, and she got her first good feedback from me. It was a win-win. 

Unfortunately, the job that was planned to be long term finished earlier than expected, but I will definitely hire her again if I need anything similar.

This course was very useful and it helped me make the best decisions. Thanks!


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