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Sofie Kokelenberg

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My job is to make my job superfluous

Let me start off by saying that I've created nothing new for this project, but it's definitely interesting to use the concepts form the course as a checklist/ attention review:

Immediate attention: 


In contrast to the white, for both the logo and the two tag lines "my job is to make my job superfluous" and "I write, you're empowered"

correlations of the colors (for me at least) are the dark yellow shows enthusiasm but also maturity as to how to apply this gusto. A lighter shade would have come across as juvenile and frivolous I think. Whereas the fuchsia/magenta shows creativity and boldness. A lighter pink would have come across as more girly/delicate instead of making a statement and being seen. A touch more of the red would have made it more aggressive and too narrow (in terms of newness and creativity)

Short term:


My favorite! I love to serve up food for thought and start interesting conversations, which is exactly what my tagline provides. People ask "what do you mean?" Putting yourself out of business isn't exactlay the brightest economic idea ever. This creates the curiosity for me to explain that, whatever I write, I empower my clients at the same time. 

The bottom right corner on the backside says has me a bit puzzled: it says "Antwerp based, worldwide ambitions", so it's more of a juxtaposition than a full blown disruption, but somehow I feel that it kind of belongs in the same category (for lach of a better one, or my understanding of course ;-)

Long term:

Mystery & rewards:

The QR code on the back adds mystery to where the link leads. It actually leads to a landing page ( ) that gives, unexpectedly a discount on my services.

I immediately felt strongly about using acknowledgement as a communication method/strategy. I've included this a little bit in the landing page that says that I was happy to meet the new holder of my business card, hope we had an interesting chat, and if not, I'd be happy to remedy that with a big cappuccino and some free consulting.


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