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My influence map


I've had many influences and admirations throughout my life. When I was a kid, my loves were...

Monty Python: For their humor, silliness, and visual style

Labyrinth: because David Bowie. I was just about the same age as Jennifer Connelly when this came out and I was enchanted by both the visual style and the humor. And David Bowie.

Ferdinand: My favorite picture book as a child. Perfect drawings. Perfect story

Star Wars: This scene is my first movie memory. I saw the movie in the theatre when it came out. I was 6 years old and it captured me. I'm a lifelong fan and subsequent nerd.

Twin Peaks: The whole series came out when I was in my teens and it gobsmacked me. The music, the strangeness, the humor. I remember watching this scene with my mom and afterwards we just sat there sort of stunned. It was so wonderfully weird. I remember all my friends calling each other right after the show ended that night to talk about it. 

Bugs Bunny: These cartoons can still crack me up. I still quote them (mostly in my head). The comic timing, the visual punches, the masterful art.

Danny the Champion of the World: Well, anything by Roald Dahl really, but this one was my favorite. And nothing can beat the simple, charming artwork of Quentin Blake. I think Quentin Blake has a real influence on my desire for my drawings to feel effortless and charming (which they rarely do, haha).

The Once and Future King: One of the first long books I read on my own as a young child. I was obsessed with King Arthur and the legend well into my 20s and maybe even early 30s because of this book. The first half is so funny and witty and just right for my (obvious) obsession with British humor. The second half is heart wrenching and melancholic. The ending made me cry for the first time reading a book. Really cry.

This was a fun exercise. I have no idea how much influence these things have in my style, it's a curious thought. Like Christine, I'm a big science fan and am looking for ways to marry my art and science together. But it's clear that my childhood was influenced heavily by fantasy, comedy, and surrealism, and not science. 


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