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My illustrations: From mannequin to full fashion design

Hi everyone,

My name is Sharon and I'm a dental student. I've been interested in art ever since I was a child. I enjoy sketching fashion illustrations but I had trouble adding facial characteristics prior to the start of this course. My original sketches were of mannequins with the main focus being on the individual outfits. But my designs still lacked personality. I also solely used colored pencils and markers to bring out each fashion illustration. I was afraid of using watercolor because I couldn't control the movement of the paint. But after taking this course, I realized that my fear was partly due to not knowing how to properly use watercolor. Through this course I've learned to use watercolor without messing up my illustration. Most of all, this course inspired and coached me to add facial features and incorporate mixed media (watercolor, colored pencils, and markers) to refine my illustrations. Thanks to this course, my sketches now have a personality! 

Below are a few of the illustrations I've done using the techniques provided by Dallas in this course. I sketched the figures, added color using watercolor and colored pencils, and lastly added ink to finalize the sketch. My illustrations were inspired by outfits featured on Wendy's Lookbook, fashion models displayed on a magazines, and my polyvore creations. I hope you enjoy these illustrations! 

I only have positive reviews about this course! Dallas's techniques were really helpful. I liked how everything was step by step! My illustrations have improved greatly since the start of this course. I would recommend this course anyday! Thank you for this great experience!


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