Mete Erdogan

Designer and Art Director



My illustrated reaction GIF: Niiice!

I've been having a conversation with a highchool friend about a film he's making. After four years of getting the movie off the ground, he's finally found a great soundtrack for it, so my response to him is 'Niiice!'


Then I sketched out how I wanted my piece to look, I used round, soft and plump shapes to express my happiness and excitement for him. 


Once happy with my sketch, I placed tracing paper over the sketch and traced it three times with a Sharpie permanent marker. My animation will be three frames long, hence the three illustrations. I didn't worry too much about making the lines follow the sketch perfectly because I wanted a cute, jittery effect in my GIF. The lines raying out of the type added an additional animated element to express excitement.


I scanned the traced artwork and opened it in photoshop where I separated the artwork from the background and created three layer groups in my document, these layer groups eventually became the three frames for my animation.


Once cropped and aligned, I applied colours and textures to each individual layer group


Then I used the Timeline tool to animate the three frame animation. I adjusted the frame speed to 0.1 seconds per frame but the speed totally depends on the individual artwork.


I finally exported the document as a GIF ready to share online via channels like email, twitter, facebook and tumblr.


And shared it with the world!


Here's the final GIF for you to share around on those niiice occasions :-)


Excited to see everyone else's!



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