My illustrated future

My illustrated future - student project


Here's my board:

My illustrated future - image 1 - student project


Soundtrack for my board and my lifestyle ( music is such an important part of me, I feel I had to add it):


I named it Little wonders because that is the tentative name I wanted to give my business.

I have realized that I gravitate towards mellow, gentle type of art. Something I already knew is that love to make my art whimsical. Add a bit of fantasy, hope, wonder, warmth and innocence to reality.  Soft textures and colors dominate, but I also enjoy contrast and saturated colors as long as it remains whimsical.

I also noticed how nature and food play a big role in the subjects I'm attracted to. Specially drinks and desserts. Japan is also a big source of inspiration for me. Not the busy and flashing Akihabara culture, but the more quiet and spiritual areas of the country.

I can sense a theme of -wonder- in little things all around us. Finding magic in everyday life and enjoying it mindfully.

When it comes to lifestyle, as an introvert (INFP), I really love the idea of magical hideouts. A cozy cafe, a special friend and a sketchbook sounds like paradise to me. If alone, a book counts as a special friend! (no, seriously, you can easily travel to those fictional worlds and share their joys and struggles). If you are reading a biography or non-fiction, it feels like you have a pen pal. The author becomes someone you understand, identify to and, perhaps even know better than your neighbor.


My greatest weakness: I'm genuinely interested in many mediums, styles and subjects. I think this makes me unfocused. I dip my toes in different things, sometimes at the same time!, without really diving completely into it. I feel this makes it harder for me to define my audience and niche. I think that saying no to certain things and sticking to something might be a solution.


I chose the task of defining my sources of income. I mainly want to focus on passive income, Patreon and commissions (this was a struggle to narrow down  because, again, I wanted try everything and diversify myself far and wide). I plan to focus on B2C. I find B2B intimidating, but I am open to try it in the future or if the opportunity arrives. I will build a website and portfolio while I learn how to present myself to art directors/ companies. Also, I need to work on my skills and how to present myself more professionally.


Next step is about legal issues, Finland has a lot of rules and taxes for everything. Getting tips (get money without any exchange of goods or services) like many do on Patreon and twitch is illegal by Finnish law and they don't have very defined rules about POD and other emerging ways to make money. Plus international laws about VAT and so on. So, right now my biggest challenge is to figure out what sources of income are actually profitable and legal:  My illustrated future - image 2 - student project

Thank you Ohn Mar!

Alicia Miss Honeybug
I love Books, Handicrafts and Nature