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My ideas for GUM

Maybe I took this project too literally or maybe my creativity is dying a slow death (which I think is true, my TV addiction is killing my creativity!, haha) but I did try and sit for 2 minutes brainstorming ideas about GUM.

I love GUM. I keep gum on me at all times. I am also very particular about my gum as I have a standard brand and flavor which I prefer immensely to all others in taste, lasting flavor, and texture. I am a wrigleys double mint girl. I'll chew almost anything in a pinch but I only buy Wrigleys Double Mint (Spearmint or Winter Fresh in a pinch). And yes, they taste very different!  

So my list of ideas are: (remember that are not fleshed out at all)

1. Gum from around the world. I am considering joining the peace Corps and so that burning desire I've felt more intensely recently is the inspiration for thinking about gums from around the world. What do they chew, if anything. Can I find my brand? What flavors do they have? I found that snack foods and candy varies tremendously (expecially traditional ones) from culture to culture. Would I like theirs? Would they like mine?

2. Gum in different flavors like Harry Potter jellybeans. My son loved to buy (have me buy) the weird and disguisting flavors of jelly beans when the Harry Potter movies were out and so I wonder if we could do the same thing with gum. I am sure we could and it has probably already been done. At least its been done with soda somewhat. So, what if gum tasted like a Big Mac, or Ranch flavor, or BBQ potato chips. That would be weird right. To chew on something that tasted like ranch for an hour? haha

3. A play on GUM pranks like we had when I was a kid. You would buy those packs of gum that taste like dirt and offer a piece to your friends and family. Funny, right? LOL How could we update that prank for a whole new generation to enjoy. Dirt gum prank 2.0.

4. Gum survey or taste test. This idea I think relates to the Gum from around the world...

5. I am not a visual artist but it might be fun to pal with the gum graphics and redesgn cool graphics for gum, a poster or even a commercial. Maybe even some kind of gum art. Ewwww, right!

6. Lastly, this is my favorite. Thanks to pinterest, everything is a DIY project with instructions. Oh My! I love it. So can we make a gum DIY recipe. Make your own gum at home in your own flavors. How yummy! What would people come up with?

Okay, those are my ideas I cam eup with from my 2 minutes... Any thoughts?  


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