My hope for a leaner and toned future

Since my early teens, Ive always been the same height and up and down weight (5'7" on 6.5-7.5 stone). I was always paranoid about it as i never looked healthy, clothes barely sat onme right, my diet was really bad and i didnt take care of myself. I used to get slagged and accused of having an eating disorder. That and other comments like that really go me down and i had zero confidence in myself. Only in the last 3 years Ive started to care thanks to my very supporting boyfriend. He has encouraged me to take that step. So in the last year i have started to do TRX classes (P90X) and I have noticed a great difference in myself. I no longer cringe at the site of myself when I look in the mirror, as I have finally some shape to my body, were before i was just flat and shapeless. But I know in myself that i can do and be even better. I feel so confident than i ever have before.

My goals I hope to achieve in the next year are

  • More definition
  • Have my mini 6 pack back and meaner too :)
  • Firm and toned bum and thighs
  • More shape to my arms
  • Smaller waist
  • Get a tan :P
  • Join a gym

I'm hoping that doing this course will also introduce me to people who have the same intrests and goals as myself and can help me in my journey :) Here's hoping 2013 is gonna be a great workout :) 


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