'My hood' in London

Dear Tom and classmates, 

First of all: thanks again for another thoroughly enjoyable skillshare class! It was very interesting to watch the work process from beginning to end. 

I started out with my area where I live in London but struggled a bit in getting the dimensions of the image size and map right, so that's probably why it looks a bit cramped? I also struggled a bit with the nib pen, which I haven't really work with before. When I dipped in the the ink and put it on paper it seemed as there was no ink on it and then suddenly lots came out! Nonetheless, i really enjoyed the mark-making process and getting my hands dirty! Maybe some people here have some tips how work with the nib-pen or how they get their lettering so straight?! :-) 

Below are scans of my sketches and mark-making to show my process, it tells me max upload size is 2MB so some images might become a bit blurry...

Hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know any feedback you have! 

Warm wishes, 





End result:



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