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My hero is Gregor

Hi everyone,

I chose "Gregor" from the series called "Die Kickers" (in German) for this week challenge.

I remember watching this series on television when I was a child, before playing soccer with friends and after doing school homework. The series got cancelled after about 25 episodes (which is a shame I think).

Anyways every episode has a value at its core, things like teamwork, overcoming personal struggles, training hard, dealing with setbacks and so on. The image above is from the first episode (I guess). In this episode Gregor moves into a new city and is excited to play for his new school, however the school club is the worst team around. Gregor believes they can become great and tries to get the best team around to play against them. After struggling to convince them, he finally manages to arrange the game, which they loose (of course), however Gregor is motivated more than ever and sets the goal to win the annual soccer tournament with his team. The rest of the episodes shows the challenges, struggles and resolutions of the team during its journey to the tournament.

Looking back I think this series shaped me a lot.

Thanks for the attention and go check out the series, it is good.


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