My hardships at listening

My main difficulties occurs when:

  • Someone interrupts me when i'm working on some complex concept
  • When i'm interrupted when i'm doing something that i find really interesting
  • When someone suggest something that i find 'absurd'
  • When i'm dragged on a counterproductive conversation / meeting

I can manage the first and second points, mostly by planning and a slight change of mindset. But the third and fourth ones are real problems.

Most of the time, those people expects that i collaborate somehow to the topic but many times but my reaction is to disengage, paying attention to other things, working on other topics, just 'hearing with my ears' or just being negative.

On top of that, i have a negative habit of avoiding conflict (something i have been working on lately, with good results)  that contributes for my 'runaway' of those moments.

My homework is:

  •  Plan my tasks ahead of time. I need quality time alone to execute some tasks, and it's my responsibility to manage this.
  • When on a conversation, listen, always.
  • Always block my computer, making sure that my attention is where it must be.
  • If i find a group conversation counterproductive to me, explain why and ask nicely to leave
  • When someone suggest something absurd, listen fully and throw questions - getting to the core of the matter, understanding why that person thinks that way and what is expected of me. Collaborate.
  • Add my own point of view after listening, always. Understanding others, is the pathway of being understood.




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