My gig poster dream

My gig poster dream - student project

Hello Brooke, and thank you for the wonderful class! It has been really helpful in getting me to narrow down my artistic direction and I am confident that if I can make THIS happen, I am free to set other goals.
My name is Olena and I have been painting for as long as I can remember, and just recently getting into digital art. I'm a big fan of music and have always been fascinated by gig posters, dreaming to one day be the artist that gets to do that. Think Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, etc.
You have inspired me to reach for that dream. I'm attaching a collage of a few of my works that show lots of variety, and my problem is just that - it's too all over the place. I currently don't have a website but will be working on that soon! Aside from learning typography and lettering, what would you suggest for my dream of becoming a gig poster designer? Thanks so much in advance :)
My gig poster dream - image 1 - student project