My getting it together art plan.

My getting it together art plan. - student project

Home base:

I have been warming up by sketching different aspects of the view from my window but I think this is too complex as a home base. I am going to try using my mug of tea instead since I can see this will be a subject perfect for trying out new techniques on.

My getting it together art plan. - image 1 - student project

I'm really happy that this class has introduced me to the concept of having home base, it makes perfect sense to have that familiar subject


1) My first goal is going to be to learn to relax and accept that I am always going to be learning. Since I've become serious about developing my painting and drawing skills I have had these moments of panic about just how much I have to learn. Having spent years developing my fibre art its hard not to focus on the feeling that I've got so much time to make up for. I need to remember that I didn't waste that time, it taught me a lot about colour and texture and also, more importantly, about the kind of art I want to make.

Relax, there isn't a final destination so start enjoying the journey more.

2) Technique wise there is sooo much I still need to learn and instead of panicking about that I need to focus on a small number of things at a time.

Adding more texture to my work.

Effective use of layering.

Developing my drawing skills.

3) Allow myself to actually use my materials. I need to carry on practicing letting go of the feeling that it is a waste to use my decent materials unless I'm sure I'm going to be able to paint something good. I need to use them to practice and improve, if I don't, I won't.

Remember I can buy more paper and paints, so use them!

Be Consistent:

I usually spend some time on my art everyday, but I need to have some set studio time where I can be away from all distractions. It's hard not to feel like I'm always needed and that it would be selfish of me to set aside some time to myself, but I know I need it for my own well being.

Saturday morning is studio time and I will guard this time.

Monday and Thursday evenings I will have an hour studio time.


At the moment I seem to have a love/hate relationship with my art. I will look at a finished piece or one I'm still working on and really love it. A couple of hours lately I'll loath everything about it. I think I need to nurture this relationship and find more balance.

Try find something good about my art or see how it can be improved, instead of writing myself off as being totally rubbish at absolutely everything. It's not productive to feel that way and it sets me back on my goals.


I need to remember I don't always have to be in the 'perfect' mood to work in my studio. I need to take my designated work time regardless of my mood that day, using these tactics to help:

1) Flat mood- use my homebase as my first tactic to tackle this kind of mood. Play around with different materials if still feeling flat.

2) Bad mood- start by cleaning up my mess (cos there is always a mess), looking at some of the stuff I'm working on, and if I feel able to try channelling the bad mood into my art.


I will start a journal for observations about my art- making notes of how I feel working on each piece; what techniques I want to learn; which ones I need to work on; experiences working with different media, etc.

Start an observation journal to keep in my workspace and actually use it. This will help me stay focused on my goals and set new ones.


I am already spending a lot of time learning, trying new techniques and taking online classes. Now I have set studio times I need to carry on keeping my focus this way.

Developing skills comes first- start with my homebase.

Look at what I've done, what do I need to do to improve? What do I love about it? Use my journal.

Spend some time painting.