My friends are full of hot air. And rain...lots and lots of rain.

Notes for first draft:

I simiplified the states (removed the borders) and added texture to the background. I also put the hurricane catoegory directly by the box and got rid of the secondary chart. I'm not crazy about the illustrations, so I may redo those for the final draft. Otherwise, would appreciate any feedback!


Notes for sketch phase:

Aside from one (mis)adventure involving a harrowing drive through Hurricane Dennis, and subsequent stranding on a flooded road in the Everglades where some drunk hillbillies offered to take me on a nighttime airboat ride (true story...I gracefully declined, then got out of Florida as fast as my waterlogged Subaru allowed!), I have no connection whatsoever to this project. Honestly, I struggled to find an angle on this assignment that I could connect to, so I went a little silly with it. I am so used to having clients provide me with the information, then tell me the angle that *they* want the infographic to take, that I kind of got white page syndrome with all the freedom.

So, I chose to show the hurricanes from my lifetime (1978-present), that share a name with friends of mine. I will hand-illustrate this project with sketches of the friends and a sentence or two that explains how I know them. The illustration background color corresponds to the Saffir Simpson Category where the storm made initial U.S. landfall, as well as a map of the landfall locations.

Any and all feedback gratefully appreciated.


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