My friend Emi

My friend Emi - student project

First of all, thanks a lot of encouraging me to start doing smth in Photoshop!

I picked up my friend's name for this project. She likes everything personalized, so I was thinking to give her a small present. She studies photography and is very excited about it.

Somehow I had troubles making a simple drawing. It just did not look cute enough. At the end my work does not look drawn at all :-/

I will be very happy with any feedback. Especially the way how I can improve this pic. It is a bit hard for me in Photoshop.

My friend Emi - image 1 - student project

Made another version, where I tried to keep a drawing in a simple style. I think it fits the project better.

My friend Emi - image 2 - student project

Thanks again for a simple inspiring course!

Maria Bonner
Hobby illustrator