My four creature projects

My four creature projects - student project

Wow what a journey! I started with the first creature not knowing anything about anything. I made a lot of mistakes like keeping the black outline lolMy four creature projects - image 1 - student project

But then I realized how I should do it for my second creature, but I still had a hard time with color and the finishing touches.

My four creature projects - image 2 - student project

By the third creature I got a lot more comfortable with the process and felt like I could be a bit more creative.

My four creature projects - image 3 - student project

And by the fourth creature was a a great project to get all of the trick and techniques locked in my brain, I even used my own tricks for the hair and fur.

Overall this course was great I started from not even knowing how to start painting creatures to a place where I feel like I can get a lot better.

The class was very informative and there was great explanations, but I feel that sometimes it was a bit hard to follow, maybe lacked a bit of explanation on some of the maneuvers.

My four creature projects - image 4 - student project