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My follower goal and strategy (example)

I hope to enroll at least 25 students in each class. I don't really have a time-frame for that goal, but I do have a strategy.

I'm trying to release a quality class every other day. I don't want to release low-quality classes, so I'm spending time on research, recording, editing and improving the audio as well as making sure the meta-data such as class title, video titles, projects and the like are all done properly. If I rushed, I could release a class a day, but I don't want to do that. Classes need to be good to do well on Skillshare long-term.

In addition to releasing quality classes regularly, I'm also promoting those within Skillshare (tutorials and hopefully AMA's and Workshops) and outside Skillshare (email, Facebook, Twitter). I should add Youtube too!


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